Chimney Leak Repair at Chimney Genie in Long Island

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Repair Leaks of Your Chimney at Chimney Genie in Long Island

Chimney leakage isn't the same as the leaks on your roof because it poses more risks to your house or establishment. Address leakage problems on your chimney immediately and seek leak repair immediately. Restore the proper ventilation in your space and ensure the safety of everyone.

Chimney Genie has been offering chimney leakage repair services, be it a gas or water leak repair. Our expert chimney repair team is committed to conducting the necessary services to restore your chimney to its optimal state. You can call our hotline or fill out a form on our website to schedule a free consultation.

Why Should You Repair Chimney Leaks?

No one wants leakages from the chimney, similar to water leaks from your roof or slab coming out of your plumbing. But with the case of your chimney, simple rainwater leaking in might only be the surface of the problem. Your chimney ensures that harmful byproducts from your fireplace or stove go nowhere but outside your home or establishment. If you see leaks, it might mean structural damage to your chimney or any other problem.

Overlooking even the most minor leaks from your chimney might pose serious threats if left neglected:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning - your chimney has specific engineering that ensures it does its job of venting out harmful gasses. Having a water or gas leak on your chimney might be a sign of a more serious structural problem. This might affect how your chimney functions and risk having toxic gasses return into your space.
  • Damage in chimney structure - as mentioned, catching leaks on your chimney might be a sign of damage. But if further neglected, these structural concerns might progress into more significant problems, even risking collapse.
  • Chimney fire - flammable products, like creosote and soot, might be collected in your chimney flue liner and cause a chimney fire.
  • Damage to the structure of your home or establishment - chimney leaks, especially with rainwater leakage, can cause structural damage, corroding your foundations.
  • Health hazards from mold build-up - if your chimney or venting system has water leaks, it might have risks of having mold build-up, creating health problems, like allergic reactions or respiratory issues to inhabitants.
  • Expensive chimney repair services - minor chimney problems will worsen once neglected.

Because of this, it's better to address these issues while they aren't serious yet. You may be faced with more expensive water or gas leak repair costs when they've become more hazardous.

Chimney Genie offers world-class chimney inspections and leak repairs to immediately address any type of leak you have in your chimney. We are equipped with specialized tools and advanced methods learned from more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Why Your Chimney is Leaking

There are many different reasons why you experience chimney leakage. Consulting a chimney repair expert will help you know the root cause of these leaks and have them fixed immediately.

  • Problems with the chimney cap - a chimney cap offers protection for your chimney by serving as a cover from the rain, snow, and others that might get inside it. A problem with the chimney cap is one of the most common reasons for leakage.
  • Damaged chase cover or chimney crown - the chimney crown is the cement that covers the entire chimney, located at the base of the chimney crown. This piece prevents moisture from water and snow from entering the space between the flue lining and the chimney's mortar. Water leaks due to this issue might progress into more serious problems once the moisture has softened the bricks and mortar joints.
  • Ruined mortar joints and bricks - another chimney issue that might cause water or gas leaks is having damaged brick or mortar joints. These support the chimney's structure itself, ensuring that it lets out toxic gasses only at the top.
  • Chimney condensation - this is a rare cause of chimney leaks, but it's possible. This happens when you convert your chimney into a gas-burning type, from wood-burning, with an incompatible liner.
  • Damaged flashing - this protects your chimney and roof from water leakage and penetration because of the waterproof seal it provides. Once there's been damage to your flashing, you can expect leaks on your chimney.

How We Repair Leaking Chimney

Chimney Genie offers professional gas and water leak repair services in Long Island, being in the industry for more than 20 years. With our specialized tools and certified chimney experts, customers can expect to feel relieved about their chimney problems.
Inspecting Your Chimney

Our chimney leakage repair services start with a thorough inspection conducted by our chimney experts. Our crew is highly-trained for spotting even the smallest crack or damage in your chimney. We are also equipped with a video inspection system in case we need to look closely at your chimney.

chimney leak repair services
chimney leak repair services

Repairing Your Chimney

Chimney Genie also offers emergency services in case you need immediate chimney repairs. With our professional chimney crew, we are committed to bringing you a safe and well-ventilated space with our maintenance services.


Chimney Genie conducts a method called tuckpointing – this is our solution for property owners with damaged mortar joints. We resolve the problem by removing the crumbling mortar and replacing it with new ones. We are equipped with specialized tools made especially for the process, so your mortar efficiently does its job of supporting your chimney structure.

Tuckpointing with Chimney Genie repairs the damage and resolves the leakage of your chimney. It also prevents the problem from affecting the surrounding bricks. By replacing the brick and sealing it with a mortar, you can save your chimney and interior from further damage.

chimney leak repair services
chimney leak repair services


If there’s a leakage problem on the chimney, one of the solutions is to apply the right waterproofing. Chimney Genie provides world-class waterproofing, conducted by certified chimney specialists, to resolve spalls. Spalling refers to the face of your chimney brick crumbling from the walls due to extreme moisture. This leaves you with brick pieces on the ground – consulting our chimney inspectors will also confirm this upon seeing in person.

Water enters the pores of your brick and freezes during wintertime, only to thaw again. This cycle damages your bricks as it breaks away its pieces. Chimney Genie applies a special water repellent solution for chimneys that prevents water and water vapor from entering every brick’s porous material. But since it’s also vapor permeable, it allows moisture from the brick’s interior to go out to the exterior.

Our waterproofing treatment will allow your masonry chimney to breathe, not allowing water damage.

Bringing Back the Warmth of Every Home

Chimney Genie has been servicing residential and industrial properties in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of their chimneys for over 20 years. We also strive for every customer’s safety and satisfaction with our expert services and highly-trained crew.

  • Certified chimney specialists
  • Immediate response to emergencies
  • Complete chimney maintenance services

Chimney Genie offers chimney leak repair services for customers in Long Island, with our locations in Suffolk County, Nassau Country, and Queens. We also offer cleaning, inspection, and repair services to keep your chimney up and running and reliable for years to come.

Call Chimney Genie to Seal Chimney Leaks

Leaks from your chimney may cause several risks to your safety, causing chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. These leaks may also be signs of more serious structural damage that you need to address immediately.

Chimney Genie offers advanced methods with our highly-trained chimney specialists and specialized tools for resolving your leakage problem. You can expect a thorough inspection and expert solutions. We’re dedicated to fixing your chimney problems and maximizing the efficiency of your chimney. If you want to know more about our services, you can schedule a free consultation. You can call our hotline or visit our website to fill out a quote.