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Get Regular Maintenance for Your Chimney at Chimney Genie in Long Island

Keep your home or establishment safe, warm, and well-ventilated by seeking regular chimney inspections. A scheduled chimney service allows you to spot issues and address them immediately. This will drastically reduce the risks of a chimney fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other problems arising from a damaged chimney. Trust only certified chimney professionals who can ensure a thorough job of maintaining and cleaning your venting system.

Chimney Genie is a trusted professional chimney inspection service provider with more than 20 years of experience. Our highly-trained chimney inspectors ensure thorough maintenance for your chimney, providing a proper assessment of your structure and giving chimney repair services to fix your chimney issues. You can call us today or get a quote on our website to learn more about our chimney services.

Why Should Your Chimney Receive Regular Inspections

Chimneys keep our homes or establishments safe by removing toxic or by-product gasses from the fireplace, wood stove, and furnace. Because it comes into contact with different elements in extreme conditions, you need to ensure that they're still in good condition, immediately addressing minor damages. 

Chimney issues aren't usually noticeable until they've progressed into more serious problems. Because of this, the National Fire Protection Association recommends getting an annual chimney inspection to avoid fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other hazards. Scheduled maintenance allows you to spot and address problems immediately, ensuring your safety and the longevity of your chimney.

Your annual chimney inspection will:

  • Spot creosote build-up - the Chimney Safety Institute of America warns property owners of creosote build-up, which are highly flammable and may cause a chimney fire. This dangerous by-product had come from smoke – certified chimney professional inspectors can spot creosote build-up on your chimney flue before they progress into incidents.
  • Remove chimney obstructions - your chimney is engineered specifically for safely eliminating toxic by-products out of your home or establishment. That's why a simple blockage can cause serious problems, as these gasses can return to your home instead of being disposed of. Inspections allow you to spot harmful blockages in your chimney liners and immediately assess if there's a problem with your chimney crown, chimney cap, or any other issues.
  • Spot the smallest damages - it's not easy to inspect your chimney on your own – a chimney inspector is equipped with the needed technology to give every part of your chimney a thorough assessment. Here at Chimney Genie, we use a video inspection system to spot even the smallest crack on your chimney clay tile or destruction on your mortar joint.
  • Provide an evaluation of your chimney's condition - Chimney Genie strictly follows a formal checklist to ensure your chimney complies with your local ordinance. If you've just bought a property, our certified chimney inspectors can provide you with a complete evaluation of the condition of your chimney or venting system.
  • Allow insurance coverage in case of emergencies - scheduling regular chimney inspections also allows you coverage from your insurance in case of emergencies. Home inspection for your chimney is often required in homeowners' policies. This means your insurance will compensate you for damages related to your chimney, provided you've had an annual chimney inspection.

Chimney Genie has served more than 2500 customers, ensuring dedication to keeping you safe and satisfied with their chimney service. Our chimney repair and chimney cleaning services are proven to be trusted and reliable over the years as well.

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When Should You Have Your Chimney Inspected

The best time of the year to seek professional chimney inspection services is spring or summer — the latest you can have it is during early fall. You must hire chimney inspectors before the burning season when the weather is getting colder. You should also look for chimney sweeping services around this season.

Other than this, you might want to have your chimney checked when:

  • moving into a new house
  • having problems with your chimney or venting system
  • making changes to your establishment
  • there's a chimney fire
  • there's been a severe weather disturbance

Chimney Genie also offers emergency services for customers needing immediate help with their chimney. You can call our hotline or fill out the quote on our website.

How We Inspect Your Chimney

We at Chimney Genie take pride in our chimney inspectors who are highly trained for being sharp in spotting problems with your chimney, including your fireplace and exhaust venting system. We are equipped with specialized equipment, allowing us to conduct a thorough inspection. 

a worker conducts a chimney inspection

Here's what you can expect with our chimney inspection services:

  • Level 1 inspection - this level involves a visual inspection of your chimney. The chimney inspector would only bring a flashlight to assess accessible parts of the fireplace or chimney without using any specialized equipment or even ladders to climb and look closely at the venting system. This is advisable if you didn't change anything in your system and would continue using the one you have.
  • Level 2 inspection - if you've made some system changes or had just moved into a new home, you would need a level 2 inspection. We also recommended this for property owners whose chimneys might have become damaged due to an external condition. This also requires a visual inspection similar to level 1 but also involves a video scanning to check for damages. The chimney inspector might also survey other access to your heating systems, like attics, crawl spaces, and roof. 
  • Level 3 inspection - unlike the first two levels, level 3 inspection can be more intrusive. This is usually required if the first levels have suggested hidden serious risks. This professional chimney inspection requires removing necessary portions of your chimney, like a part of your chimney lining or chimney crown.

Chimney Genie is committed to conducting every level of chimney inspection with utmost dedication to keeping customers safe and satisfied. You can call our hotline to know more about our services or visit our website.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection with Chimney Genie Today

Some property owners tend to miss their chimney inspections, only to discover problems once they've gone worse and more noticeable. This poses several risks to your home or establishments. Keep your chimney in good condition by seeking professional chimney inspection services from Chimney Genie. We pride ourselves on having:

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  • Highly-trained chimney inspectors
  • Comprehensive chimney services
  • 60-minute emergency services

You can know more about our chimney services, like chimney cleaning, repair, maintenance, and more. We are committed to providing services for home and establishment owners needing help with their chimneys and other ventilation systems. You may call our hotline for a free consultation or visit our website to get a quote.