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Chimney Inspection, Chimney Repair, And Chimney Cap Services In New York

Chimney Genie has helped clients across New York and Long Island with their chimneys for years. We know what makes a chimney tick - from the chimney flue to the chimney cap. Chimney caps in particular are more than just decorative sheets of metal at the end of your chimney pipe: they're crucial for keeping your chimney safe and free from damage.

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From Galvanized Steel To A Custom Chimney Cap, We Have What You Need

An uncapped chimney means more than a draft and a broken fireplace: it's a potential fire hazard when clogged with debris, can cost you thousands in repairs because of rain and smoke damage, and drastically lower the quality of life for all occupants in the property.

Those are only a few of the many reasons why it's so important to get quality chimney caps for your chimney. It's not so simple of a question between copper chimney caps or galvanized steel: installation, maintenance, and repair all require a chimney expert for the best possible results.

Chimney Genie has access to the best chimney caps in the market and the expertise to install them for you. Whether it's a stainless steel cap or repairing your entire chimney system, we have what you need to get the job done.

What Can A Chimney Cap Do For My Chimney?

Chimney caps aren't necessarily a legal requirement - there's nothing in most regulations that specify that your chimney has to have one. However, trust our years of experience with chimney maintenance: you may not be required to have a chimney cap, but you definitely need one.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Ventilation: chimney caps can help with a steady circulation of air throughout your property, without the added risk of bringing in unwanted debris.
  • Preventing debris: dirt and leaves aren't the only things that a chimney cap can keep out - they can also screen snow, smoke, and other particulates in the air.
  • Avoiding water damage: areas with frequent rains or snowy conditions need chimney caps on their chimney to prevent water from getting inside the property.
  • Pest exclusion: birds, small animals, and other wildlife in the area will be blocked by a well-installed chimney cap, preventing them from coming into your home.
  • Fire safety: chimney caps can prevent a wood fireplace from throwing up sparks or embers that can be carried up and outside, potentially starting fires.

Why Hire Chimney Genie

Chimney Genie has been a trusted name with chimney services across New York and Long Island. Here are 3 reasons why our clients trust us above everyone else:

Quality and Compliant Products

From a custom cap to the latest stainless steel or galvanized steel caps, our customers can trust the quality of our products. All of them are manufactured from the highest-quality materials available, and meet the exhaustive standards of manufacturing and installation according to building regulations.

Accompanying the high quality of our products is the matching quality of service and experience with using them. We keep track of the changes and innovations with chimney systems and apply that knowledge with every product we sell and install.

Comprehensive Chimney Services

While you may only need us for a chimney cap installation now, that doesn't mean that's all you have to expect from us in the future. With a routine chimney sweep, an inspection of chimney dampers, and installation of the chimney liner, we can make sure that your chimney system is always running at its best.

Our expertise goes far beyond fixing your immediate problem to anticipating any future ones and using the best solutions possible to prevent them from happening. As experts in long-term chimney care, we make sure that your chimney can withstand time, weather, and consistent use.

Roofing Expertise

Chimney caps are only a part of your chimney system - and your chimney system is only a part of your roof. You can't have a good chimney without putting some thought into how it fits with your roofing. If these two things aren't compatible, you're looking at a few thousand dollars of repairs and work at best.

Chimney Genie knows that it's important to get it right the first time. That's why we also have extensive knowledge on how to make sure your roof works well with your chimney. Whether that's roof repair or finding the best masonry to match, we've got what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chimney Caps And Chimney Service

Q: What type of chimney caps do you offer?

A: Chimney caps can come in a wide array of different designs and materials, but we mostly stock steel-type chimney caps. These chimneys are far more durable, easier to install, and may sometimes cost less overall compared to other chimney cap materials.

Q: How fast can you install chimney caps?

A: Once you give us a call and explain what type of chimney cap you need, you can expect our chimney expert and any needed crew to be there in a few hours to install your new chimney cap. Our many years of experience in servicing our clients in Long Island and New York help us have one of the fastest working times in the industry.

Q: Do you do chimney cap maintenance and repair?

A: If you already have a chimney cap installed and need an inspection or repair, our chimney expert can give your chimney and roof a once-over to see any issues that need fixing. If any issues are found, our specialist can repair them on the spot or the following day.

Q: Can you do removal and upgrade services?

A: If you find that you need more work on your chimney in the process of installing your chimney cap, simply inform our specialist and they'll work closely with you with anything you need. Whether it's a chimney leak or changing your chimney surround, we have the expertise to get it done.

Q: Is your staff insured?

A: Chimney Genie's years of experience in the industry give us the confidence that our work is nothing but the best that you'll find around New York and Long Island. All of our specialists, experts, staff, and contractors are fully licensed and insured to give you the peace of mind to leave the work to us.

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The next time you're looking for the best chimney cap to use for your chimney, give Chimney Genie a call. Our extensive experience with chimney care, installation, and maintenance means that you'll always get the best bargain for your money - and the best care for your chimney long-term.