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Chimney Chase Installation, Chimney Chase Cover Repair, and Other Chimney Services in NY

At Chimney Genie, our highly skilled team is guaranteed to help you manage damages or issues with your chimney. Contact us today to restore your chimney to its best state and efficiency.

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Installing Chimney Chase Covers, Chimney Waterproofing, and Protecting The Rest of Your Chimney Structure

A chimney chase is one of the most crucial parts of the chimney system - and also one of the most overlooked and delicate parts. Any wood fireplace or gas fireplace needs a well-constructed chimney chase - and for these situations, a prefabricated chimney just won't cut it.

A prefab chimney chase is prone to rust, rain damage, debris piling up, and can cause a chimney fire or a leaky chimney if left unattended. For this reason, expert installation, maintenance, and repair of chimney chases should always be a priority for property owners, especially if they have a pre-manufactured fireplace that they use regularly.

With our extensive experience in chimney service - including chimney repair and installation - Chimney Genie can help our clients with stopping chimney leaks from a faulty chase top, installing a new chimney chase top when needed, and doing a regular chimney sweep to ensure no damage to your chimney system.

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Why Hire Chimney Genie

Professional chimney cover and chimney chase installation aside, Chimney Genie has plenty of expertise and feedback from satisfied customers all over New York and Long Island for their chimney requirements.

Here are the 3 reasons why you should give us a call for your next chimney chase inspection:

Extensive Experience With Chimney Services

Chimney chase repair is crucial to help prevent your fireplace from damaging the rest of your chimney system. By using the right chimney liner and doing regular inspections, we ensure that you have the best system in place to keep using your fireplace without worrying about safety and long-term effects.

We also provide plenty of other services that can help with keeping your chimney chase in good shapes, like chimney cap installation and masonry repair. Chimney chases by themselves are an essential part of your chimney, but they're far from the only part that matters. We have the expertise and experience to look at the big picture when it comes to your chimney.

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Roofing Expertise

Chimneys and roofing are a joint package - you can't have one without the other. Given that many chimney chases are directly attached to the roof, it's important to find a chimney service expert that also knows their way around the roofing. This way, you get to keep both your roof and your chimney in excellent condition.

This is especially crucial with prefabricated chimneys, many of which are still in New York and Long Island residences. Chimney Genie can help you with chimney repair and reinstallation with a brand-new chimney chase, ensuring that you're free from leaks and other potential damage to your chimney flue.

Quality and Compliant Products

Chimney Genie only uses the best and most durable materials for our chimney products like stainless steel. We balance the need for quality and price, helping our customers get the chimneys that they need without having to worry about high costs short and long-term.


All our products are fully compliant with the National Fire Code, ensuring that your entire chimney system follows local and national building regulations. Our specialists are well-trained in the specific needs for chimney installation for New York and Long island properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chimney Chase Services

Q: How fast can you install a chimney chase in my home?

A: Chimney Genie prides itself on having quick turnaround times for our work without compromising on quality, avoiding too much inconvenience for our clients. From call to service, you can expect a few hours to a few days turnaround time.

Q: What's included in the overall cost of your services?

A: Labor, materials, equipment, and any products are all included in our pricing for our services. We never add on hidden charges and we always inform all our clients about any pricing changes before finishing any work on your chimney.

Q: Can you do removal and upgrading services?

A: In the event that your chimney chase job requires more work like chimney removal and re-installation, our specialists will work closely with you to ensure that you're informed about the process every step of the way. If you have any questions about the work that needs to be done, our chimney expert will be glad to answer your questions.

Need Chimney Chase Repair Or A New Chimney Flue? Call Chimney Genie Now

Chimney Genie has been a trusted name for many New York and Long Island residents with the installation, maintenance, and repair of their chimney chases and chimney systems. We hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service, and always make sure to provide long-term solutions for our clients.