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Get Regular Maintenance for Your Chimney at Chimney Genie in Long Island 

Hiring a reliable chimney sweep for regular cleaning and maintenance services is one of the steps for ensuring longevity and efficient function of your chimney. Seek the services of chimney professionals for a thorough chimney cleaning to remove the dangerous build-up of creosote and soot, giving your space safe and proper ventilation.

Chimney Genie offers different services for maintaining your chimney. Our chimney sweep crew is highly-trained in getting rid of even the most stubborn soot from your chimney. We also offer regular chimney inspections to check for repairs and maintenance services. 

Why Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

Maintain regular chimney cleaning services to remove dangerous soot and creosote build-up. Some home and property owners tend to overlook regular maintenance of their chimneys, only seeking services once they've witnessed a noticeable problem. These chimney concerns usually cost a hefty price for maintenance.

Regular chimney cleaning services ensure the efficiency of your furnace, fireplace, or wood stove and allow you to spot the slightest damages needed immediate masonry repair. With immediate chimney repair, even for minor issues, you can avoid dealing with more serious problems that would offer more risks and more expensive repair costs.

Neglecting your chimney offers risks such as:

  • chimney fire
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • chimney structural damage

Seek chimney cleaning services and maintenance to reduce these risks and have a safer and more well-ventilated space. Chimney Genie offers thorough cleaning services, chimney inspections, chimney leak repair, and other maintenance methods for your chimneys. You can call our hotline or fill out a form on our website to schedule a free consultation.

How We Clean Your Chimney

Chimney Genie takes utmost importance in giving your fireplace chimney and other ventilation systems a thorough cleaning to remove creosote and soot build-up. This allows you to ensure its efficiency and address damages right away. We also offer other services, like chimney waterproofing, chimney liner repair, chimney inspections, and more.

Issues Resolved by Chimney Cleaning

Your chimney is responsible for disposing of toxic by-products from your fireplace or wood stove. Proper maintenance is a must to ensure a safe and well-ventilated space. Invest in seeking the help of a professional chimney sweep regularly for the longevity and efficiency of your chimney. Aside from keeping it clean and lessening serious risks, regular cleaning also allows you to spot issues in your chimney immediately.

Here are the issues you can resolve with the cleaning service:

  • Blockages - blockages may sometimes be difficult to spot until it's already become worse. A regular cleaning service ensures that your chimney is free of blockages from leaves, animals, and other objects that have found their way into the chimney liner and become dislodged -- these are dangerous because they might catch fire. The chimney services offered by Chimney Genie involve removing any blockages thoroughly with the right materials, done by a certified chimney sweep team. 
  • Build-up of creosote - Creosote is tar from burning wood that may collect on your chimney liner. Because it's flammable, its build-up can be a dangerous fire hazard, causing a chimney fire that may reach your roof and entire property. Chimney Genie is equipped with the right tools to conduct a professional chimney cleaning service.

Chimney Genie has been providing home and establishment owners with a safe and well-ventilated space with their chimney cleaning services for more than 20 years. We also offer chimney rebuild or repair services, chimney inspections, and more.

Cleaning Your Chimney

Chimney Genie has been in the industry of chimney maintenance and repair services for more than 20 years, gaining experience and advanced practices for ensuring its optimal function. Customers can expect our certified chimney sweep team to do a thorough service. They will:

  • collect debris or dirt from the chimney by placing a canvas or tarp at its mouth
  • suction dirt and debris with an industrial vacuum while cleaning chimney liner with a chimney brush.
  • remove stubborn build-ups with specialized tools dedicated to cleaning your chimney
  • apply a solution to break up soot and creosote
  • remove blockages, like leaves, dead animals, and other objects
  • run chimney inspections to check damages
  • run tests on your chimney to ensure optimal function
  • provide tips and guidelines for proper chimney care
  • address concerns and questions regarding your chimney
chimney cleaner standing on the roof, while lowering the cleaning equipment to clean the chimney
chimney sweeper cleans the chimney in the rooftop

Seeking our chimney cleaning services will offer you benefits, such as:

  • preventing chimney fire
  • preventing carbon monoxide poisoning
  • discourages animals from nesting in your chimney
  • promotes efficiency
  • promotes better burning
  • spots issues immediately
  • promotes longevity for your chimney

If you want to know more about our chimney cleaning and other maintenance services, you can call our hotline or fill out a quote at our website for a free consultation.

When Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

It's best to seek professional chimney cleaning services during the time when you don't need to use your fireplace chimney, preferably during summer. The latest time you might want to schedule a chimney flue cleaning is around early fall. If you want to clean your chimney by yourself, late summer is the best time.

Other than your scheduled cleaning, you should clean your chimney once you've noticed the following:

  • soot and creosote falling from the flue when you're burning wood
  • creosote buildup with a sticky, honeycomb texture
  • burning more artificial wood 
  • frequent fireplace or wood stove user
  • burning unseasoned firewood

Chimney Genie ensures thorough work for leaving your chimney spick and span. Call our hotline or fill out a quote on our website for a free consultation.

chimney sweeper cleans the dirt inside the chimney

FAQs About Chimney Cleaning

Q: How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

A: Experts recommend having your chimneys, including your dryer vent, air duct, and other ventilation systems, to be cleaned and inspected by a professional at least once a week.

Q: How can cracks and damages on my chimney flue liner be spotted?

A: Chimney Genie uses a video inspection system to check even the most hidden areas of your chimney. We would be able to find even the slightest crack or mortar joint damage.

Q: Can I clean my chimney myself?

A: Yes, you can clean your chimney by yourself with the right methods, cleaning materials, and safety precautions. However, you should seek a professional if you have a thick creosote build-up, and you might still want to invest in an annual professional cleaning and inspection services.

Leave a Call at Chimney Genie to Give Your Chimney a Clean-Up

Our chimneys provide our homes or establishments with proper ventilation by getting rid of smoke and other toxic gasses from the fireplace, furnace, wood stove, and other combustive materials. Because of this, they can be susceptible to getting into contact with dangerous elements and extreme conditions, giving you fire hazards and other risks. 

Seek a regular chimney and cleaning services to avoid these problems and promote longevity for your structure. Chimney Genie has over 20 years of servicing more than 2500 customers in Long Island. Call us today for expert chimney cleaning services or get a quote on our website.