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Repair Your Chimney at Chimney Genie in Long Island 

Seeking a reliable chimney repair service provider is key to having a functional chimney that efficiently regulates the ventilation in your home. Whether you have a fireplace or not, keeping it in good shape gives you a safe and comfortable home.

For chimney repair, choose Chimney Genie in bringing your chimney back in tip top shape. We offer chimney services like chimney liner repairs, chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, and more. Call our hotline to schedule our visit to your home or establishment, or fill out the quote at our website. You may also call us for chimney emergencies, and we'll be there right away.

Why Should You Have Your Chimneys Repaired?

Some owners of establishments and homes leave their chimneys in terrible shape, not providing them enough cleaning and inspection. Chimney Genie finds it of utmost importance to seek a professional immediately once you've noticed damages in any part of your chimney, be it the chimney flue, flue liner, mortar joints, or others.

Our experts warn property owners about the risks of not having chimney repairs and leaving it neglected, like:

  • Chimney fire and other fire hazards - smoke collects on the interior of your chimneys, such as the chimney flue and flue liner, forming soot and creosote. These substances pose a huge threat in your home because they're flammable. A chimney fire can damage its mortar and entire structural integrity and may even spread to the rest of your home.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning - even those without fireplaces have chimneys to get rid of smoke from cooking and other byproduct gasses, offering clearer and breathable air. An unfixed chimney issue might give your home or establishment risks of carbon monoxide poisoning as it couldn't properly expel CO.
  • More expensive chimney repair cost - chimney issues piling up will only cause you more expensive chimney service costs. Failing to address damages immediately and hiring a chimney sweep for regular cleaning might create more damage, even affecting your chimney structure.

Chimney Genie offers chimney repairs to keep your structure in its optimal condition, ensuring the safety of everyone.

How Chimney Genie Restores Your Chimney 

Chimney Genie offers chimney repairs, restoring it to its excellent condition. We also offer other chimney services, like chimney inspections, dryer vent cleaning or chimney cleaning, chimney flashing installation, and more.

Problem: Flue Blockages 

The chimney flue is the interior of your chimney made of ceramic, metal conduit, or clay that contains byproducts and protects the walls from corrosion or heat. The masonry chimney has a lining, on the other hand. 

Because it eliminates harmful and flammable gas, you might not want to have anything to get inside it. Some property owners have birds and other animals or snow and rain enter their flue, despite the chimney cap -- this is supposed to keep rain and snow away from the chimney.


Chimney Genie has highly-trained experts to fix your chimney issue, including chimney flue blockages. Any objects causing the blockage in your flue will be removed and our team will execute the proper fireplace repair methods for your specific problem. We also make sure to install the proper chimney cap for your chimney to regulate air more effectively. 

We also take extreme care to avoid damaging a chimney brick or chimney crown. Our crew often catches blockages early on during chimney inspections. Blockages cause great risks for your establishment because toxic gas only returns to your place.

Problem: Cracked Crown

One of the common problems of having a masonry chimney is having a damaged chimney crown. This slab of concrete prevents chimney leaks from snow and rain. Water tends to collect on your chimney crown, which may cause leakage into the flue – this can damage your masonry and may even require you to do a drastic chimney rebuilding because of the damage it has caused. You must not ignore even a simple leakage; seek chimney crown repair services immediately.


Chimney Genie offers chimney crown repair as well to resolve your problems with chimney leaks and structure. Chimney Genie will do the necessary steps to resolve this chimney concern, like applying the sealant on your crown, repositioning them, or suggesting other ways.

For starters, our highly-trained crew will do a thorough inspection to diagnose your chimney issue. 

If your chimney crown can still be used, it will be cleaned and the cracks will be patched up. More mortar will be applied for a better seal. If it's beyond repair, we might suggest having the chimney crown and flashing replaced. The accurate size that your chimney needs will then be installed.

Problem: Water Leaking Inside the Bricks

Aside from your chimney crown, leaks may also come from a damaged brick. Your chimney crown may serve as an umbrella to keep water and snow out of the interior, but bricks may be damaged too, causing chimney leaks. The surfaces of your chimney or its brick wall may cause leaks due to water seeping into the structure.


Chimney Genie assesses this problem comprehensively before offering a solution for chimney services. What our staff can do is schedule a chimney cleaning service, so we can power wash your services. After this, we can apply a sealant to fix leaks and chimney waterproofing for added protection.

Problem: Low-Quality Mortar

Like every chimney brick, the mortar joints are also exposed to different elements and toxic byproduct gasses that make it susceptible to damage to the chimney structure. Damage to mortar joints may also be caused by age and wear and tear. When you've left your damaged mortar joints neglected, this might progress into more problems and risks, like chimney leaks, cracks, and chunks falling out. You might be faced with a more hefty chimney repair cost.


Chimney Genie will conduct a masonry repair on the spot upon seeing your damaged brick and mortar joint. The areas with damages will be filled in, and necessary restorations to severe cracks and breaks will be done by our team of experts.

Problem: Damaged Flashing 

If the top of your chimney is protected by a crown to avoid a leaky chimney, its base would have a flashing. Your chimney flashing offers a waterproof seal that keeps off water penetration and damage from your roof and chimney.


Chimney flashing restoration requires a professional due to the extensive work needed not only on the chimney but also on the roof repair service. That's why seeking our chimney repair service at Chimney Genie will give you a more efficient, safe, and quality outcome. Our chimney repair crew will ensure a proper repair for your base and cap flashing. 

Your base and cap flashing will be intricately installed on your roof, with the base flashing placed under one end of the bricks and atop the next and the cap flashing covering it. Chimney Genie will inspect your base flashing and do the necessary repairs to fasten it securely on the roof again.

Problem: Smoke Entering the House

Seeing smoke entering your home is obviously bad news for your chimney – you'd surely need to seek repair services for your fireplace or ventilation system.


There might be many causes of smoke entering your home, so you might need to call us for a chimney inspection. We'd give your home or establishment a thorough screening to know how smoke is entering your home, instead of being eliminated by your chimney.

For these types of problems, we'd also suggest our customers install a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because you can’t smell it nor see it sometimes -- you may not notice that you've already inhaled this toxic gas.

Chimney Genie for Your Chimney Overhaul 

Your chimney not only supports your fireplace to provide you with a warm and comfortable space – a chimney is essential to all establishments to ensure safe and proper ventilation in the space. That’s why a damaged chimney should be addressed immediately and not be left neglected. Choose Chimney Genie for chimney repair services. We also offer chimney cleaning, inspection, and installation.

chimney repair services
chimney repair services
  • One-stop-shop for all chimney concerns - customers can expect reliable repair services from Chimney Genie with more than 20 years of experience up our sleeve. We are your one-stop shop for all your chimney maintenance and other concerns because we also offer regular inspection, cleaning, and even installation.
  • Fast emergency response - Chimney Genie offers immediate emergency services. We know that anyone can have sudden chimney problems, so you can call us, and we’d arrive within 90 minutes to attend to your concern.
  • Highly-trained repair crew - Chimney Genie takes pride in our highly-trained repair crew that is committed to restoring your chimney in its great condition, giving you safe and comfortable ventilation.


Choose Chimney Genie for concerns about your chimney and fireplace. Call our hotline or fill out the quote found on our website.

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Address the damages and other problems for your chimney to reduce fire hazards and other safety risks. Highly-trained experts at Chimney Genie ensure a thorough inspection and analysis to provide your chimney with a proper assessment. From here, the necessary steps will be followed to restore your chimney.

For those wanting to seek chimney repairs and other services, like cleaning, inspection, and installation, feel free to call our hotline for a consultation or fill out a form at our website.