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Professional Emergency Chimney Services by Chimney Experts

Carbon monoxide issues, chimney fires, chimney blockages, and water leaks from the rain are common chimney problems that keep chimneys from functioning properly. Without regular chimney sweeping and maintenance, these issues might lead to safety hazards like a chimney fire or poisoning from the toxic fumes.

When it comes to emergency chimney services, it’s important to hire professional chimney services that can come to your aid and perform chimney repairs safely, quickly, and efficiently – like Chimney Genie from the Long Island area.

At Chimney Genie, we want our clients to be familiar with our services and treatments. We strive to help our clients as much as possible and we encourage them to ask us about things like how to maintain your chimney, when to call us for an emergency chimney service, what happens during chimney inspections, and what we can do to repair chimney damages.

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What Makes Chimney Genie the Best

  • Family-Run Business. We’re a family-based chimney sweep that has served thousands of customers in Long Island and the surrounding area for over 20 years now. You can trust us to serve you dutifully and provide you with services to truly improve your living spaces. With more and more customers trusting us over the years, we’ve built a good reputation and became well-known in the area to this day.
  • CSIA-Certified Specialists. What gained us the trust of our loyal customers is our time-tested methods, but we still make the effort to keep up with the latest tools and technology to ensure that your chimneys are in their top shape. Our lead technicians are certified by the CSIA and we’re always up to date with NFPA standards, as well as local and state codes.
  • Quick Response to Emergencies. Chimney emergencies can happen at any time, so we make sure to respond to your calls within 90 minutes to evaluate the problem, assess the issues, explain what needs to be done, and perform repairs or other services as needed.
  • All-in-One Chimney Services. Chimney Genie is a trusted North American chimney company in Long Island that offers a wide range of services, including roof leak repair, chimney leak repair, chimney liner installation, chimney inspection, blockage removal, and other chimney lane problems. We also offer products like chimney liners, broiler chimneys, and chimney caps. 

What Happens During Our Emergency Service for Your Chimney

  • Step 1: A video inspection system is used by our chimney technicians to check the state of your fireplace or chimney. This allows us to look for possible blockages and find out the cause of your chimney emergency that prevents it from functioning properly.
  • Step 2: After finding the chimney problem, we’ll come up with a plan to solve it. This may involve removing chimney blockage or performing masonry repair. We always make sure to let our clients know about the process, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything.
  • Step 3: We prepare to remove the blockage or fix the problem using the specialized tools we brought with us. The time it takes to complete this task depends on the kind of emergency service your chimney needs.
  • Step 4: We inspect the fixed chimney again for any chimney damage we might have missed. Once everything looks good, we leave clients with a few tips on how to maintain their chimney and furnace to prevent other problems in the future.

We offer blockage removal and repair on different types of chimneys, such as brick and mortar chimneys, masonry chimneys, or wood stove chimneys. Aside from fireplace repair, we also provide other services like chimney rebuild, chimney waterproofing, chimney cap installation, dryer vent cleaning, chimney maintenance, roof repair, chimney installation, and more.

FAQs About Chimney Cleaning Service and Other Emergencies

Q: When is the best time to call a chimney sweep for emergency fireplace services?

A: Sometimes, simple fireplace cleaning isn’t enough to get rid of all the creosote, soot, and debris buildup in the furnace and chimney flue. Homeowners should call emergency services immediately if there’s water in the firebox, smoke backing up into the house, or if the carbon monoxide meter goes off. 

Q: Should I be worried about carbon monoxide poisoning if I use a propane fireplace insert?

A: Yes, wood fires and gas fireplaces are common carriers of carbon monoxide. It’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector at home to monitor its levels. You should also schedule regular chimney maintenance to minimize the risk of CO poisoning, chimney fire, and other hazards.

Q: My fireplace chimney flue has a few cracks. What should I do about them?

A: Damaged chimneys often result in a few disasters, from carbon monoxide leaks to house fires. It’s important to have all of the damaged bricks replaced and the cracked parts mended before using the fireplace again to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Chimney Genie: Your Partner in Emergency Chimney Services and More

Leaks, blockages, and flue damages on your chimney are emergencies that should be left in the hands of a certified chimney company. At Chimney Genie, we understand the urgency of your chimney problem, so we always try to arrive at your home or business as soon as we can to find out the chimney issue, fix it completely, and make sure it never happens again. 

Know more about our chimney repair and emergency services today and call us for a free consultation.