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Restore the Warmth in Your Home and Repair Your Chimney Flue at Chimney Genie in Long Island

Restore the warmth and proper ventilation in your home by having your chimney flue repaired by Chimney Genie in Long Island. Be it the chimney flue for your fireplace or your wood stove our repair crew is highly-trained to spot any damages or problems needing repairs. We also offer other services, like chimney liner repair and other problems.

Chimney Genie is a professional chimney service offering chimney flue repair, chimney cleaning, inspection, and installation to keep your chimney up and running. To ensure proper ventilation and safety in your home or establishment, call us to book a free consultation or fill out the form on our website.

Why is a Chimney Flue Important?

Every part of your chimney is essential for ensuring that it works properly. Your chimney dispels harmful gasses from your fireplace or wood stove out of your home.

A chimney flue is a metal, ceramic, or clay conduit found inside your chimney, which contains highly flammable byproducts and directs it outside. If you have a masonry chimney, your chimney flue or chimney lining protects your chimney walls from corrosion and heat these combustive products might cause.

A chimney flue lining offers:

  • protection from corrosion
  • protection from heat
  • protection toxic gasses
  • chimney efficiency

Just like any other part of your chimney, a chimney flue lining also plays an important part in ensuring that your chimney works well, like your mortar joint job, chimney flashing, and any other part.

Even if your chimney is still working relatively well, keeping your chimney flue in its best condition is still necessary for venting out toxic gasses and taking care of your chimney. If left damaged or neglected, a simple chimney lining concern progresses into bigger problems like:

  • damage on chimney brick and mortar joint
  • damage to chimney's structural integrity
  • chimney collapse
  • roof and chimney fire
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • more expensive chimney restoration costs

If you've noticed some problems with your chimney, be it your chimney lining or flue, or chimney damper, Chimney Genie can do necessary chimney repairs and other services. Our repair crew is committed to addressing problems with your chimney and fireplace, giving you a safe and well-ventilated space. You can call our hotline to schedule a free consultation or visit our website and fill out our form.

Chimney Flue Repair Services at Chimney Genie

Chimney Genie has been rendering different chimney services for every household and establishment on Long Island for over 20 years, from providing flue liner and other chimney repairs to chimney cleaning and inspections.

chimney flue repair services
chimney flue repair services

Cracked Chimney Flue Tiles 

You must seek chimney repair services immediately if you've noticed cracks on your chimney flue tiles. Immediate repair and regular maintenance not only ensure the optimal performance of your chimney. It also reduces the risks in your home significantly. These cracks might allow the toxic gasses to seep back into your home or allow creosote to build up outside your flue liner. Creosote is also flammable, so it can be a fire hazard in your home or establishment.

Clay tiles on chimney masonry can also become damaged due to the weather and poor construction. Our chimney experts at Chimney Genie will also inspect its inside lining to check for spalling. Spalling happens when the lining inside your clay crumbles from the inside out due to getting into contact with corrosive chemicals and moisture.

For your chimney tile repairs, our chimney repair crew will replace broken chimney bricks. Chimney Genie will also provide a thorough inspection to assess the damages to your chimney flue tiles. If they involve a significant part of the flue, we might perform a more expensive chimney liner repair.

Broken Lining

A broken lining might need a more thorough chimney repair to ensure there's no chimney leak and it works efficiently. Damaged flue linings might not be fixed by patching off mortar joints or replacing bricks alone. You might want to address the root cause of the damage.

Chimney Genie first conducts chimney inspections to assess chimney damage and do the necessary measures for fixing it. It might require intensive work of creating a chimney liner mold and stuffing cement around the gaps. An inflatable mold will be placed down your chimney and install spacers between this mold and the old chimney flue liner. 

The Chimney Genie crew will pour a special cement and leave it to dry. Once dry, the mold will deflate, leaving you with a brand new chimney flue.

a man installs new lining in the chimney
a worker installs mortar joints on the brick chimney

Damaged Mortar

The mortar joint is one of the things to check during chimney inspections, even if you've already suspected a chimney flue lining damage. A mortar joint is what binds the bricks, providing structural integrity and chimney leak prevention.

Mortar joints can become damaged and erode due to aging and wear and tear. This will cause the development of large gaps or holes between each brick. Your mortar joint can also crumble and eventually fall off due to excessive heat, moisture, and contact with chemicals. For damaged mortar joints, our chimney restoration crew will apply more mortar to the gaps, sealing off leaks and holes.

The Chimney Genie crew is committed to providing customers with immense relief and satisfaction from having their chimney lining finally fixed. We also offer other chimney services, such as chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, regular chimney inspections, and more.

Why Your Chimney Flue Becomes Damaged

Chimney flue damage is one of the common problems our crew faces during chimney restoration services. There are several reasons why your chimney flue becomes damaged:

  • from an incident - your chimney may become damaged due to circumstantial events, like storm damage or a tree falling on a chimney that damages the bricks.
  • deterioration from other chemicals and elements - the mix of water or moisture with toxic chemicals can cause your mortar joints and chimney bricks to crumble and chip off.
  • poor construction - it might not seem like it, but chimneys have specific engineering for expelling toxic gasses from your home and ensuring proper ventilation. That's why poor chimney construction might easily cause creosote and soot build-up, which gives it a high risk of fire or leak.
  • chimney fire - chimney fire caused by creosote and soot build-up can damage chimney flue lining. That's why you must seek regular chimney cleaning and inspection.

You'll never know when your chimney damper, flue lining, clay tile, or any other part of your chimney will become damaged due to these circumstances. Because of this, Chimney Genie renders a comprehensive chimney service to address your every concern. We also offer regular chimney inspections and cleaning to ensure your chimney is in its top shape.

How to Take Care of Your Chimney Flue 

It's necessary to address problems right away about every part of your chimney once you've spotted it, like concerns about your flue tile, chimney crown, chimney cap, and more. This will avoid piling up the damages that will cause you a more hefty chimney repair cost, which might even lead to chimney rebuilding. 

But there are still ways to take care of your chimney flue and your chimney in general:

  • clean your chimney regularly
  • hire a chimney sweep yearly
  • hire chimney inspection services
  • use clean wood for your fireplace
  • apply chimney waterproofing
  • install a chimney cap
  • apply chimney damper properly
  • avoid hanging stockings
  • leave some ash in the fireplace
  • clear the area around the fireplace
  • install a fireplace insert
  • opt for a stainless steel liner

Chimney Genie has been in the industry of chimney or masonry repair, cleaning, and maintenance services for more than 20 years. For chimney repairs, maintenance, or efficient chimney sweep hiring, you can call our hotline. You may also fill out the form at our website.

Call Chimney Genie for Your Chimney Flue Repairs

Your chimney flue lining is just as important as any other part of your chimney. It ensures that your chimney is working well in providing warmth for your home or establishment and keeps it safe and well-ventilated. Chimney Genie has been in the industry for over 20 years, staying committed to serving property owners in Long Island.

Those wanting other chimney services for proper care and function may call our hotline to schedule a free consultation. They may also visit our website and fill out a form.