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Roofing Contractor, Chimney Repair, And Chimney Cleaning In New York

As a long-trusted partner of many Long Island properties in keeping their chimney clean and functional, Chimney Genie is your one-stop chimney service for all your chimney needs. Whether it's chimney inspection, a regular chimney sweep, or installing a new chimney liner, we can keep your shaft clean and your fireplace running.

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Chimneys are an important part of any property's heating and cooling system. And while it may seem like a simple shaft leading to the outside, keeping your chimney in good shape is tougher than it sounds.

Even the simplest chimney repair can require a significant amount of work to make sure that the job is completed well: and that's not even counting maintenance. Upgrades too can take some time and skill - anything from chimney waterproofing to chimney cap installation can go terribly wrong if done by an unskilled contractor.

With years of experience under our belt, you can rely on Chimney Genie to get any chimney work done efficiently and quickly. We take every job seriously, holding ourselves to a high standard no matter how big or small the task. From chimney liner installation to masonry repair, we've got you covered.


What makes us a trusted name in chimney services all over Long Island and the rest of New York? Here are some reasons why:

Comprehensive Chimney Services

Cleaning, blockage removal, chimney inspections, animal-proofing - we've seen and done it all. We pride ourselves on having built a reputation that our long-time clients can trust, helping thousands of homes and properties keep their chimneys in the best shape. We're also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust the quality of our work.We can handle both functional and cosmetic concerns with your chimney and the surrounding fixtures, with the assurance of long-term solutions that can save you significant money on heating and cooling. By working closely with our clients, we help them get the ideal chimney that they're looking for.


Roofing Expertise

A good chimney alone doesn't make the best heating or cooling solution - the surrounding roof has to be in good shape as well. Since the roof needs special attention at the point where it meets the chimney, it's important to have a professional handle any repair or installation services to avoid any potential complications in the future.
This can be anything minor from a roof leak repair to tuckpointing any damaged mortar that holds the chimney together. The moment you notice any damage or work that needs to be done on your roof, call us immediately and we'll get the job done.


Quality And Compliant Products

The National Fire Code is an essential guideline for making sure that your chimney is up to building code - not only to remain compliant with your local building regulations but also to ensure that you don't put yourself at risk for accidents. This means that you have a responsibility to keep your chimney in good condition at all times, and to find a provider that can help keep it that way.
Chimney Genie has serviced thousands of clients, making sure that all of their chimneys are up to building regulations. We use the best products like metal liners, non-insulated double-wall piping, and galvanized steel for our chimney installation and upgrade. With us, you get what you you paid for.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chimney Services

What's covered in the costs of your services?

We make sure that our quotation for our services is as comprehensive as possible - that includes everything from labor, materials, and time on the job. We don't believe in hidden charges and we certainly don't change prices on the fly. When we give you a price, you can be sure that we'll stick with it.

How fast can you respond to queries?

Chimney problems are best addressed before the problem gets much worse, which is why we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and fast turnaround time. When you call us, you can expect a reply or a visit within 24 hours or less, especially if it's an emergency job that needs work done right away.

Can you do removal and upgrade services?

We have extensive experience in chimney removal and chimney upgrades, especially for properties that need them as part of an overhaul building renovation. Aside from our well-trained chimney contractors, we'll also work closely with other contractors to make sure that your final installation is just the way you like it

Are your contractors insured?

Chimney Genie stands by the quality of our work, and we can assure you that any problems that you come to us with (and any that appear while we're on the job) will be addressed quickly and efficiently. All our contractors have been licensed and insured, and we've been a reliable chimney service for many clients across Long Island and New York City for years.

Chimney Problems? Call Chimney Genie For A Solution

Next time you get a chimney leak or need a professional fireplace installation, give Chimney Genie a call. We stand by the quality of our work and make sure to install long-term solutions that stand the test of time, weather, and your own comfort. If it's a chimney in Long Island or New York City, you can trust us to get the job done.

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