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Seek the Best Boiler Chimney Installation, Repair, and Cleaning Services at Chimney Genie

When it comes to boiler chimneys, you might want to choose the best service provider. Be it residential or industrial boiler chimney, investing in a trusted maintenance service ensures the utmost safety and efficiency for your structure. Customers can ensure optimal productivity because of their industrial boiler chimney and a well-ventilated space in every home.

Chimney Genie offers the best residential and industrial boiler chimney service in Long Island, offering different chimney services for more than 20 years. We can provide inspections, cleaning, and repair services to ensure your chimney is working in top shape. We also offer different services on masonry chimneys. Those wanting to know more about our chimney services can call our hotline or fill out a form on our website.

What are Boiler Chimneys?

A boiler chimney is a vertical venting system that exhausts hot steam or gas and lets in enough air to keep the fire burning. Instead of bringing out soot and smoke commonly seen in masonry chimneys, a boiler chimney lets out water vapor and carbon dioxide. This is due to the gas furnace or water heaters. It looks like a vertical pole, much like a smokestack.

A boiler chimney is especially preferred in an oil furnace or heating system because it brings in a natural draft needed for maintaining the fire. These structures are also more helpful for pollution control.

Why You Should Seek Boiler Chimney Services

Scheduling a regular maintenance service for your boiler chimney is essential for ensuring it works efficiently and fixing minor damages, whether you have a residential or industrial chimney. You wouldn't usually notice damages in a boiler chimney liner immediately until the problem has gone worse. Having a reliable steam boiler service allows you to track the condition of your structure and address minor issues immediately.

Some of the risks of failing to seek services for your boiler chimneys are:

  • chimney fire from combustion
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • more expensive chimney repairs

You can reduce these risks by choosing a reliable boiler and masonry chimney maintenance services.

Chimney Genie provides your furnace flue with a thorough inspection. We also offer you cleaning services from our highly-trained chimney sweep crew. We can do the necessary repairs right away once we've spotted some issues.

Aside from boiler chimney flue services, we also offer maintenance for masonry chimneys, like cleaning, regular inspections, and repair.

Boiler Chimney Services at Chimney Genie 

Chimney Genie is your one-stop shop for all your chimney service needs, be it masonry chimneys or boiler chimneys. For exhaust gas chimneys, customers can expect quality maintenance from certified experts. With more than 25 years of experience, we have gathered the most effective and advanced practices for keeping your chimney in good shape.

boiler chimney services
boiler chimney inspection

Boiler Chimney Inspection 

Our certified boiler chimney specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your venting system with our knowledge and expertise. We will assess the structure of your venting system and check for damages. With our world-class equipment and methods, we can spot even the smallest cracks, which may become a big problem for your boiler chimneys. 

We will also check for blockages. These objects are dangerous for your chimney because the products from combustion might return to your factory or home, giving you risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Boiler Chimney Cleaning

Boiler chimneys also need to have regular cleaning similar to your fireplace chimneys. Chimney flue liner lets out oil vapors and gas, making it susceptible to build-ups. These products are dangerous because they are flammable. Dirt and debris can also cause blockages, which only a professional crew can clean. Water vapor may carry these tiny particles up where they become dislodged.

Debris coming from outside can also find its way into the chimney liner. Scheduling a regular chimney flue cleaning service ensures optimal ventilation and prevents hazards. 

The Chimney Genie chimney sweep crew is equipped with specialized tools that can remove even the most stubborn blockages, residue, and build-up.

boiler chimney cleaning
boiler chimney maintenance

Boiler Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Genie ensures providing you with expert steam boiler chimney maintenance services. We will check your venting system for damages, blockages, build-up, and any other possible problems your structure may be having. Once we've noticed the concerns, we can conduct immediate repair to keep your flue in great condition.

How You Should Take Care of Your Boiler Chimney

Proper care for your boiler chimney ensures efficiency for the machine and longevity, be it for industrial or residential use. This also reduces safety hazards and future liabilities in case of accidents.

Here are the ways you can take care of your boiler chimney:

  • hire a chimney sweep yearly
  • apply waterproofing
  • install a chimney cap
  • clear the surrounding areas
  • seek a reliable maintenance service provider

Chimney Genie does necessary measures for keeping your boiler chimney in good condition. Customers can expect professional services from our chimney sweep crew, highly-trained through our 20 years of experience in the industry.

How to Check Your Boiler Chimney for Problems

If you own a boiler chimney, you must be informed about the signs that something’s wrong. You’d probably notice issues if there’s a problem with your chimney.

Here are just some of the signs that your boiler chimney has problems:

  • Build-ups and blockages - you might want to install a carbon monoxide detector to know if there are any leaks on your boiler chimney. If your device detects a toxic gas, your boiler chimney most likely has some problems.
  • Pinched or clogged gas lines - it's not so easy to detect a clog in the gas line, so you should still seek a boiler chimney specialist. But some of the signs to look out for is the color of the flame. You need to make sure that it’s pure blue – if it’s orange, red, or yellow, there might be a problem.
  • On-and-off boiler cycles - you might be looking at a faulty thermostat if your boiler cycle turns on and off.
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Seeking regular maintenance for your boiler chimney is a must to ensure that your system is working efficiently. This also prolongs the life of your equipment, saving you a lot of funds for hefty repair costs or worse, chimney rebuilding.

Chimney Genie offers professional boiler chimney services, from regular inspections and cleaning to repairs. We are equipped with advanced methods and specialized tools to conduct proper maintenance to your boiler chimney. Call our hotline today or fill out the quote found on our website for a free consultation.