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Chimney Inspections, Installations, Repairs, & Sweeping


Chimney Genie pays attention to your heating system or fireplace to detect apparent problems that could prevent peak performance. We will also make recommendations and provide information to ensure your chimney burns safely and cleanly.  Our Certified Chimney Sweeps use state of the art equipment to inspect the chimney so that your can rest assure that any problem will be found and corrected quickly.

Standardized Inspection Process

In order to inspect your chimney and properly diagnose any potential problems we use a 3 step process as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)’s 211 Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances. This is the standard upon which CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweeps based their services, which now classifies chimney and venting system inspections into three levels. Each level of inspection has a specific scope of work and specific criteria.

Fireplaces, Wood Stoves and Furnaces


Chimney Genie is Long Island’s chimney specialist with expertise in repair, and rebuilding of residential chimney’s.  We have the expertise and skill to fix most chimney issues quickly and permanently. From chimney liners to caps, to masonry repair, we can accommodate your needs immediately.  We perform chimney inspections and cleanings on a daily basis and are very familiar with all types of furnaces and wood stoves.

Our typical inspections start with a complete assessment of your chimney from top to bottom and we all the details…. The full inspection includes the chimney cap, chimney crown, flashing, brickwork, and we even check for loose roof shingles.

After the inspection, the chimney and fireplace is cleaned. Then our technician will inspect the inside the chimney and fireplace including a full inspection of the smoke chamber, damper, firebox, lintel, hearth, and the ash dump door.

Animal Removal

Animals can easily nest in and around our homes. Chimneys can often be a good place for animals to live and during the times your chimney is not in use we will often see various critters, including birds, and rodents move in.  Problems arise quickly if you start hearing noise, but sometimes can go unnoticed for many weeks.

Whether it’s a birds nest or a squirrel, these pests can create blockages in the chimney. Sometimes dead animals in the chimney will cause insect infestations and foul odors. The best course of action is to have the animal removed as soon as possible by a trained technician.  We have had many emergency calls from frantic homeowner with squirrels running around the house, so it’s best to call someone with experience .

Video Scans

Chimney Genie will use camera equipment to inspect the inside of your chimney. This type of inspection will allow our technicians to closely examine the interior surface of the chimney up to an including the fireplace or heating system.  Normally this area would be difficult to assess  but modern methods now allow for fast ways to evaluate the interior condition of your liner and flue areas.  We can then make a recommendation that is appropriate for your situation.


From leaky, corroded, or damaged chase tops to crown repair or water leaks,  to blockages, or draft problems, you can count on us to thoroughly correct chimney problems and give you peace of mind.  We will bring your home heating or wood stove back to proper working  order and eliminate any health or safety issues immediately. Chimney Genie will repair any Long Island chimney with in just a few hours. Even in situations where damaged masonry is causing and unsafe situation, we can arrange for immediate scheduling of a restoration job and have your chimney back in operation within a day or so.