Nassau – Suffolk Chimney Liner

Installation and Replacement


Chimney liners are one of the most important features of the chimney and are critically important due to the fact that their chief function is to protect your chimney and therefore your home. They act as a protector and safety element. Chimney Genie is Long Island’s chimney liner installations specialist.   We only install high quality liners for long life and safety.

Historically, it was uncommon to find any form of a chimney liner in houses that were built prior to the 1940’s. However, beginning in the 1950’s installing chimney liners became a standard step in the process of building a house. However, this means that older houses, still may not have liners. It has proven itself a vital necessity, as the number of house fires have dropped, significantly, since then.

Today, on Long Island, almost every town’s laws and safety codes mandate a home and chimney have a properly function chimney liner.  If you live in Nassau or Suffolk Counties please call Long Island’s chimney experts at Chimney Genie.

Standard Benefits of Chimney Liners

  • Reduce the build-up of creosote, given off by burning wood
  • Prevent hazardous gases from getting into the home, through the brick
  • Prevent water from damaging the structure of the chimney
  • Enhance clean airflow
  • Prevents fires caused by build-up, sparks, and more
  • Are energy efficient and reduce heating costs

Types of Chimney Liners

There are several different materials that can be used for chimney liners. The material used depends on the time period in which it was installed, the size/type of home, budget, and overall preference. However, the most common of the three are:

  • Clay Tile – The clay tiles are one of the oldest forms of chimney liners used. However, clay tile can only be installed during the actual construction of the chimney
  • Cast-in-Place – This type of liner requires specialists to use a poured-cement process, which will eventually coat and line the interior of the chimney.
  • Metal – Metal flue liners are the most widely used and approved types of liners. While they are often made out of stainless steel, there are other metals which are used. Metal liners are affordable, easy to install, and can be used on all kinds of chimneys, new and old.

Certified Specialists in Chimney Liner Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs

  • Our certified specialists are skilled in providing quick, efficient, and safe liner installation services. We can provide you with a detailed estimate and have your liner installed quickly to any Long Island location.
  • Performing annual inspections and necessary maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your chimney and liner. Chimney Genie of Long Island offers professional, detailed inspections. Our Long Island chimney cleaning services will ensure your chimney’s liner is immaculate, removing all build-up and blockages.
  • Chimney Genie can take care of smaller-scale repairs to your chimney liner on the spot. Larger repairs can easily be fixed within a matter of a couple of days, accommodating your needs and availability.
  • At Chimney  Genie our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable about all kinds of chimney liners. Our specialists can answer any and all questions you have about your chimney liner, as well as what liner material is best for you and your home.