Animal Removal From Chimneys

It is important to remember that the wildlife that we share the environment with is opportunistic and will seize any advantage that will help it survive and compete. In our environment in Long Island we find squirrels, raccoons, and birds that will see a chimney as a possible home. All of these animals play a part in the cycles of nature and we all want to ensure they stay alive.

Unfortunately, one of the more attractive locations for these common animals to nest is your chimney and sometimes the animals will get stuck or fall into the fireplaces below. If animals remain in your chimney they pose a health threat to you and your family. The animals may carry parasites and if they die in the chimney their decomposing remains will bring bacterial residue and also insects.

Even if the animals move out the goal would be to prevent future infestations. The reason is that all animals carry a variety of insects in their fur or feathers and once the host is no longer viable, they will move on to find new hosts. If they are on animals stuck in your chimney, they will seek refuge and food within your home.

Removal of any blockages from a chimney is a tricky proposition that requires specialized skills and equipment but when the blockage is a dead animal, there are health concerns that require greater precautions.

Call Chimney Genie for any animal removal from chimneys. We will ensure ensuring that all animals are removed and no stragglers are left behind, whether living or dead. Contact us now for more information or to schedule and inspection appointment.